I believe in the power of words and the importance of stories.

I am curious about who gets to tell stories and why some stories are well known and others go untold.

In my writing I explore what happens when stories are told in new ways and from different perspectives.

I am currently working on a series of reimagined Greek Myths where the

women at the center of the myth tell their own stories.

My Plays


Winner of the 10th Annual Art of Adaptation Festival at City Lit Theater, 2017

Echo, deals with issues surrounding being silenced and reclaiming the voice. Ensemble members drew from personal experience to tell their own stories in solo pieces devised during the rehearsal process. This movement focused play also features live vocals and original music.

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Winner of  the 8th Annual Art of Adaptation Festival at City Lit Theater, 2015

A chorus of three women play Persephone, representing different aspects of her psyche and memory. Dealing with issues of being able to trust what you remember or believe against what has been told to you or said about you, Persephone explores 3 new versions of a story that we thought we knew. Find out what happens when Persephone tells her own story.

Short Plays for the Chicago One Minute Play Festival

Dance, Waltz, Revolution!


Realistic Expectations


2017 Chicago 1MPF: Nevertheless, We Persisted

2017 Chicago 1MPF: America Is...

2017 Chicago 1MPF: America Is...

2016 Chicago 1MPF: All-Female Writer Lineup